Surviving the mrsa monster

Contracting mrsa will change you.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
it will change your life forever

We completely understand how petrifying and frustrating living with mrsa staph infection can be both physically and emotionally, it can change your life forever, it certainly changed ours. If you or a loved-one are currently infected with this relentless flesh eating disease, or live with the constant fear of your next re-infection, our hearts go out to you. We know exactly what you’re going through because we’ve been there too.

Hi and welcome, my name is Bruce and together with my wife Karen we would like to thank you for visiting us. We hope you are in great health today not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well, and if you are not doing so well, that’s okay too. Trying to live a happy and healthy life can be a pretty tall order when you or a family member are among the millions afflicted with this nasty and unpredictable bacterial infection known as Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or the acronym MRSA for short.


The uncertainty and dread of anticipating your next mrsa outbreak can be extremely intimidating and overwhelm even the most courageous individual. All you can do is hang your hat on that small glimmer of hope that this episode won’t be as bad as the last, just to realize that every episode is worse than the last. The most innocent looking rash, pimple, cut or insect bite is enough to stir your thoughts with fear and panic as disgusting memories of past battles with mrsa staph infection beeline through your brain. The painful boils, abscess and gaping-open wounds that become oh so familiar with each ongoing and persistent affliction is enough to drive you mad. Then there’s that sickening feeling you get deep inside, fully aware another trip to your doctor will be in order, especially if you have a history of sepsis mrsa, which is very serious and many times fatal.

mrsa procedure Room

The Dreaded Procedure Room

Of course, you don’t go to the doctor anymore to see what is wrong; unfortunately you know all too well what is wrong. The hideous body scars from previous mrsa combat serves as a constant testimony as to what is wrong. Sure your physician will take a swab sample for a culture, or maybe some blood for testing, just to confirm what you already know, what you already feared, that your curse with mrsa staph infection has resurfaced its ugly head once again. The war continues.


Then it’s off to the procedure room, a room you have become all too familiar with. This part of your visit is definitely the worst, yet has come to be almost customary over the past few years. This painful and very messy process involves lancing and cutting out your mrsa infected abscess or boils. It is a required and somewhat evasive operation that removes whatever dead infected tissue your doctor is able to dig out. If you’re lucky it will be numbed beforehand with a localized anesthetic, but this is not always the case. However, most of these mrsa flesh infections are deep rooted and have to be cleaned and expunged all the way to the bone. This often leaves a large open wound that must be packed and repacked to heal-closed, resulting in a beauty of a scar, an extra bonus from your little bacterium buddies.

Finally, and the most routine part of all this, is the writing of yet another prescription; the medicine that’s suppose to cure you. It will …  no doubt … be yet another antibiotic drug, probably a wee-bit stronger than the last one prescribed three months back, assuming a stronger oral (or pill form) drug is available.  Then your sent out the door on your merry little way to visit your local pharmacy and start the same old repetitious process all over again  … “don’t forget to pay the receptionist on your way out … see ya soon and … have a nice day.”

 Does this Insanity sound familiar to you? 

skin infection boil cut and drained

Mrsa Abscess Lanced
and Drained, Inner Thigh

Some mrsa staph infection abscess can grow quite large, the size of a golf-ball or larger. The pain and pressure becomes so intense the slightest touch will send you through the roof in agonizing pain. A doctor visit is usually required to lance the boil and cut out all the dead and infected tissue. This will make it feel so much better, but most of the time your left with a large gaping hole in your body that won’t heal on it’s own. It is generally necessary to pack the open wound with a roll of sterile packing that looks similar to a roll of bandage gauze. Then every week or so your physician will pull the old packing out of the wound and repack it with new stuff until the hole closes up. It can take several weeks of this packing procedure for that particular mrsa staph infection wound to heal and close completely. thus a lot of scaring.

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Like us I’m sure most of you have jumped through all the hoops and loops being prescribed one antibiotic after another, just to have your infections come back with a vengeance and worse than ever before. It’s almost as though the antibiotic drugs are making these pesky little bacterium critters stronger. But in hindsight, we now realize it may be the side effects of our scripts that are doing us more harm than good when it comes to eliminating recurring mrsa skin infections .

pills prescribed for mrsa skin infections

Excessive Antibiotic Use A Big Problem

Antibiotics have many adverse side effects that most doctors don’t bother telling you about.  A critical fact is antibiotics weaken our body’s immune system leaving us open and vulnerable to all types of disease and infections, including mrsa staph infection. These drugs can make our body ph more acidic, cause liver damage, even liver failure when taken excessively.

A major serious side effect attributed to excessive antibiotic use is a condition called: gastrointestinal Candida overgrowth. This in laymen terms is a fungal yeast infection parasite that grows out of control and disrupts the natural flora (or good bacteria) within the digestive system. This fungal overgrowth can ultimately penetrate  the gut and spread throughout the body. Candida can be the cause of a long list of ailments ranging from joint pain and fatigue, to weight-gain and brain-fog. Most folks are unaware they have this condition and are misdiagnose or treated for something else. However, when left untreated the symptoms become external and much more obvious. Genital and anal yeast infections in both men and women are often attributed to a compromised Immune system causing Candida overgrowth. Oral Candidiasis or (Thrush) of the mouth, tongue, gums and throat are also a sure indication of this fungus out of control … and a body too weak to fight it off.


Oral Candidiasis or (thrush) Yeast Fungus

Despite this, and many other unwanted and nasty side effects antibiotic drugs can cause, not to mention their growing resistance to bacterial infections, an excessive regiment of these drugs is still the standard protocol used by mainstream physicians when it comes to treating mrsa infected patients.

We need our immune system to be at optimal peak performance to fight a cruel, ruthless and deadly foe like mrsa. We also need a healthy and efficient functioning liver, spleen and kidneys to filter and clean us of harmful toxins and waste.  This was the first discovery that finally clued us in on how to start controlling our frequent recurring mrsa staph infections, and prompted us to research alternative forms of treatment.

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We wouldn’t even care to guess how many doses of antibiotic drugs our family has taken over the past decade trying to rid ourselves from these killer mrsa infections, close to a thousand I’m sure.  However, I don’t want to leave you with the impression that antibiotic drugs should always be rejected when it comes to mrsa staph infection or any other bacteria infections, because they truly can save your life. Although these medications have many unpleasant side effects and are very stressful to our bodies immune system, there are times when they are your only hope to recovering. When mrsa staph infection or any bacterial infection becomes sepsis and gets in your blood, bones or internal organs, it’s a little too late to consider alternative healing cures or proper eating habits to build up your natural defenses. This is a no-brainer  in which common sense must prevail. In critical cases like these the  benefit of the antibiotic greatly out-weigh the risks. Sepsis is a very serious condition and timely treatment is crucial. Unattended sepsis can develop into septic shock which has a very high “case fatality rate“. When mrsa or any other infections lead to a severe condition like sepsis, antibiotics and other medication are always administered intravenously through a Picc line for several days (if not weeks).

2 Port Picc Line in Arm Dripping Drugs into Bloodstream

2 Port Picc Line
For Dripping Meds
Into Bloodstream

I am quite positive my wife would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the Vancomycin (strongest antibiotic at the time) she received after becoming sepsis with mrsa staph infection ten years ago. Our son Daniel was hospitalized and received the same drug a year later when he developed a serious mrsa staph infection in his right knee and into his bone. He possibly could have lost his leg if it wasn’t for this powerful medicine.

We are very thankful this effective drug was available for us back then. The big problem however, is since that time mrsa staph infection has evolved quite rapidly and today we have a more resilient and stealthier strain of staph bacteria known as VRSA, an acronym for … you guessed it …   Vancomycin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. In short this means that the current strain of Staph- bacteria is resistant to one of our most powerful and last resort antibiotics: Vancomycin. In fact the CDC has stated that because antibiotics are proven resistant to these recent strains of infection, they are near the end of their effectiveness. Even our own government has acknowledged as much.

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There are many reasons why antibiotics (once touted as the biggest medical break-though of the 20th Century) are losing the war on mrsa and other bad-boy bacterial staph infections. There are some excellent books on this subject, but the main cause boils (pun intended) down to this: Over use and abuse.

mrsa Super-Bug magnified

Mrsa Pathogen

Ever since the advent of Penicillin, doctors have been using these drugs as quick fix cures, throwing them at every type of infection known to man. A common practice is that these medications are often over prescribed prior to giving our bodies natural defense a chance to fight off the infection on its own, the way it was designed to do. Even more alarming is administering these pills for infections they have no possible way of healing, such as viral infections. Whether this is done through misdiagnosis or lack of testing these drugs cannot kill-off viral infections like influenza, most inner ear infections or the common cold just to name a few. Antibiotics are only intended to treat bacterial not viral invaders. When they are prescribed correctly, many patients are to blame as well, and contribute to the problem by not taking the medication as directed. Once they start feeling better they will discontinue the last few remaining doses assuming they are cured and the pills are no longer needed. This is a big mistake. More times than not there are usually a few enemy bacterial troops still standing, waiting to regroup and multiply with reinforcements. This usually allows the remnant of these unwanted guests to morph and grow stronger, thus resulting in re-infection and a stronger drug needed to fight them. Common abusive procedures like these have revitalize and fortified these clever stubborn pathogen freeloaders into a mighty drug resistant flesh eating Super-bug.

mrsa prevention in livestock

Antibiotics In Our Food

Another concern of use and abuse comes from under-regulating antibiotics used in raising animals or livestock in the food industry. They are used to prevent loss and increase profits.  It is a common practice to incorporate antibiotic into animal feed. This is done to speed up and inhibits growth and keep the product disease-free from birth to slaughter, before heading off to your favorite grocer or butcher shop. This is no big surprise and the debate continues as to how much of those drugs are consumed by the end user … that being us.

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If you are a previous sufferer of mrsa staph infection that became sepsis, like my wife Karen was, you know how serious and possibly fatal this condition can be. She is a practicing nurse of twenty-five years and working in a health care environment contracted HA-MRSA staph infection that eventually got into her blood and internal organs. As mentioned above we thank God she survived, although back then not much was known about mrsa staph infection and doctors misdiagnosed her with kidney cancer. This medical error delayed her proper treatment and almost took her life. (See her story here)   As a result she now must endure painful internal scar tissue and lives with the constant fear of getting re-infected.  Just the onset of catching the flu-bug or a slight fever is enough to make her apprehensive and provokes an urgent cause for concern. All we could do was hope and pray that the sepsis blood and kidney infection, that almost killed her ten years earlier, hasn’t reactivated and reared its ugly head once again. (More on Sepsis Mrsa here.)

CA-Mrsa in youth football

CA-Mrsa Problems
in Contact Sports

Compared to my wife and son’s afflictions  I suppose I’ve been rather fortunate in my 12 year history with mrsa staph infection. My recurring skin infections (battling the many abscess and boils) were bad enough but never got into my blood, bones or internal parts; according to my doctor that is. However this is of little consolation, when you feel the pain of a loved one, fighting for their life to overcome a more critical and deadly internal mrsa invasion.

Then there’s my youngest son Danny as mentioned above, whom at age seventeen almost lost his right leg after contacting CA-MRSA staph infection in his knee-cap and bones while playing high school football. An outbreak so bad that five of his team mates were confirmed as to having been infected. Wisely, the school close down its football program for three days to disinfect the locker room and all the equipment as a safety precaution.

So as you can see mrsa staph infection has been a very unwelcome visitor in our family for well over a decade now. However through research and study, trial and error, we have been able to experience some much needed relief, and a real sense of hope in expelling this miserable drug resistance Super-bug from our lives once and for all. MRSA STAPH INFECTION: A Super-Bug that still seems to baffle our mainstream medical experts.

author: Bruce & Karen (admin.)


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Surviving the mrsa monster — 17 Comments

  1. I feel that if you use colloidal silver or silver sol , I believe is going to eventually be our last line of defence in way of antibiotics will benefit you hugely. It can be used topically and also in some types can be taken internally . Has helped shingles . HOPE this helps you. Do your research…..there is lots online. Silver kills pretty much any virus……Ron

    • Thanks Ron, we agree with your assessment on the benefits of using colloidal silver. Although not a cure for MRSA its natural antibiotic properties make it superb for fighting off Bacterial infections. We didn’t know about its ability to kill off viral infections as well. But if its anything like the allicin compound found in fresh garlic you are probably correct Sir. Allicin has both anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. We have been implementing fresh garlic in our diet for a few years now. Thanks for your great comment and information.

  2. Please help me. Tell me how you use Garlic and other home remedies to fight MRSA. I have just been diagnosed with MRSA six months ago and just had to go to the ER yesterday. This was my third and by far my worst skin boil yet. On my right buttocks, about the size of a golf ball. It came on so fast. I read that tea tree oil is a good home remedy, it was not, OUCH. After a couple of days of applying tea tree oil to large bandaids, I was forced to go to the ER and having to get the infection cut out. Now I have about a dime sized hole in my skin. Please tell me how you guys prevent this awefull MRSA skin infection. I’m so worried about my eight year old daughter getting this from me. I’m constantly spraying Lysol and washing to try and keep this terrible MRSA from getting to anyone else, especially my daughter. What an awefull thing to live with. I feel for what you and your family has gone through, and are going through with this MRSA. Please tell me that something other than the ER can be done to kill this infection.

    • Hello Jason, First off let me apologize for not responding to you sooner. But being on my back in the hospital for the past six weeks (mostly in ICU) kind of put a damper on my regular schedule. No, it didn’t have anything to do with MRSA staph infection this time around, although after 2 surgery’s for what was suppose to be a routine Gall Bladder removal, I have to say, becoming infected with HA MRSA certainly was of great concern.

      We are so sorry to hear that you are battling those horrible and painful MRSA skin boils. We know exactly what your going through. They are scary, painful and life altering. The first thing I suggest is if your Doctor is currently prescribing you an antibiotic or any other medication for your skin boils by all means take it as prescribed. Like we mention here on this site; although antibiotics are harsh on our body and many of these pathogens are becoming resistant or immuned to them, you do not want to take any unnecessary chances. If left unattended, although rare, the skin infections and boils can get inside your body or blood stream and become a much bigger MRSA problem.

      We never tried the Tea Tree Oil like you mentioned. We have heard from some folks that Tea Oil was very helpful in treating their MRSA boils and others (like yourself) not so much. The first thing I started taking to reduce the severity of my skin outbreaks was high doses of turmeric. At first I was taking powdered turmeric purchased in the spice department at my local Kroger store. Now I just take about 10 grams a day in capsule form. We also incorporate a lot of fresh garlic into our cooking to take advantage of its natural antibiotic properties. Just remember it has to be fresh garlic and not powdered to receive the full benefit.

      I believe the biggest Change we made in our lifestyle that put a halt to our continuous recurring MRSA Infections was that 4 letter word that no one likes to hear … that word being “DIET”. We started an Alkaline diet to regulate our body PH Balance. After a lot of research we found that Mrsa, like many other types of disease thrive in an acidic environment. So it seemed to make good sense that if you change your bodies environment, different than what MRSA thrives in, it will become very uncomfortable and want to vacate your premises, or better yet die. So our strongest suggestion for you Jason would be to start an alkaline diet regiment for you and your daughter.

      Karen and I will be adding and updating this site in the near future with some suggestions, steps and tips on what programs and alternatives we have used to keep these nasty pathogen at bay and what is working for us. In the meantime you can Google “Alkaline Diet” to get some more information on how to check and lower your acidic body Ph. There are many Programs you can purchase on this type of diet but that’s really not necessary to get started. A little effort and persistence at your computer search browser can go a long way in obtaining tons of free information and incredible free food charts.

      You can start this process in small steps. Giving up or greatly reducing your sugar intake would be the best place to start. Processed sugar (in my humble opinion) is the worst thing for your body. It has no nutritional value what so ever, and is a major contributor to a very acidic and unhealthy body PH. Not to mention what it does to your blood glucose and brain function.

      Another small step worth mentioning is to avoid drinking regular tap water and start drinking filtered water. I’m sure you will more than likely run across a lot of sites pushing Alkaline Water when you research “Alkaline diet” online. We have used some of these products previously and have no doubt that they are very beneficial at lowering your body acid PH and reducing your MRSA staph infection outbreaks. The only drawback we found with most of these products is they can become very expensive when used as a daily regiment as intended. Back during our heavy MRSA staph infection outbreaks we opted to just install a good water filter on our kitchen faucet. We are fully aware that a water filter does not actually alkaline our water much, but it does remove a lot of the bad stuff and seemed to work just fine for us. We only use the filter water for drinking and for making tea and coffee. One filter usually last us a couple months so it’s not that expensive to maintain. It only make sense to filter the water you consume and not rely on your municipal water treatment plant deciding whether your spigot is safe for you and free of toxins. Also make sure you consume plenty of water to keep your body flushed and hydrated.

      Like I mentioned we will be upgrading this site soon with some suggestions and tips that worked for us. This may take some time on account of our eBay business during this busy Q-4 Holiday Season.

      We do Thank you for your Question and comments Jason. Our warmest regards go out to you and yours and we pray you have a quick recovery from these nasty and relentless MRSA staph infections.

      Bruce & Karen

      • What do you do for it on the tongue I use inhalers and they said the cortisone causes my tongue to stay sore all the time

        • Hi Joyce, Usually a Mrsa infection will be in the form of a sore, boil or an infected red area (usually with pain) when causing a problem on your tongue. I’m not sure if your sore tongue is caused by a staph infection or not. If your tongue has become red or irritated in certain areas, and/or painfully tender on the surface, it could very well be the onset of mrsa or another form of staph infection or disease. Your Doctor may be right about the cortisone causing your condition. However, if you have any doubt with this prognosis, and your condition seems to be worsening, you should convey this to your doctor ASAP, or seek the care of another medical professional at once.

  3. We are fighting MRSA too so your input is important. A question: When you say alkaline diet do you mean alkaline producing diet. Acidic food convert to alkaline in the diet. Alkaline foods convert to acidic components in the body. What is an example of your diet? Thanks,

    • Hi Shaleo, We’re not 100% sure of all the science behind what constitutes an Alkaline diet, in fact there is still much debate surrounding the topic. And just to be clear to our readers, we are by no means claiming this diet will work for eradicating any one persons illness or disease, mrsa staph infection or otherwise. There are just as many, if not more, with the opinion that implementing any diet to alter your bodies PH level or to cure mrsa staph or any other particular ailment or condition is just a bunch of bunk. Of course the majority of these folks are versed in main stream medicine, with little reason or incentive to think otherwise.

      That being said, all we can do is convey to you and our readers what seem to have worked for us. Whether this diet actually lowered our body Ph or it was other factors keeping our mrsa infections at bay… we are not really sure. The only thing we are sure of is the protocol prescribed by our mainstream medical doctor (endless antibiotics) wasn’t working long term for us.

      As far as the foods we eat; here is a handy food chart that shows the acidic and alkaline properties of many foods. The goal here is to eat a higher percent of alkaline foods in your daily diet and eliminate the higher acidic foods. Of course you can’t eat all foods with the highest alkaline content, that would be very boring, unappetizing and probably cause more harm than good, not to mention it leaves you with very few foods to choose from. We were all gun-ho when first starting this regiment but soon realized that creating a good balanced meal plan in all the food groups was key.

      Another thing that might help with your question Shaleo is this: You would thing that tart citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and grapefruit would be a very acidic food. But when looking at the chart you can see they are more alkaline than acid when consumed and digested. This is rather weird to me when you think about the science project many of us experimented with back in high school using a lemon, 2 lead nails and a voltmeter. So apparently this is one example of an acidic food that converts to an alkaline component in your body.

      We have gotten some what off track at times when following our Alkaline diet compared to the way we use to (not uncommon). I just can’t resist a good Char-broiled NY strip steak on occasion, especially during the summer time. The outdoor aroma of the neighborhood grills always seems to get the best of me. However a lot of these changes have become a way of live for us. Like mentioned in previous posts we greatly reduced our sugar intake. Personally I can’t remember the last time I had a soda, diet or otherwise. We totally forgot what the inside of a McDonald’s looks like… or any other fast food joint for that matter. We also greatly limit our consumption of salt, packaged or processed foods, fermented foods such as pickles and cheeses (that’s a hard one for me) and yeast products. If you look at the above mention food chart, you’ll notice many of the foods that are processed with preservatives and other additives are very acidic, along with foods that are fermented or pickled to prolong shelf live. We try to eat more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables as much as possible.

      Although the Modern American Diet (supposedly) is the biggest culprit to an acidic body. Other factors such as stress, tobacco use, medication use (both prescription and OTC) and lack of sleep and exercise are also considered contributing factors to an acidic body environment.

  4. Can u get Mrcr on your tongue. I have a sore on my tongue that is round yellow color and white on the outside. And it hurts

    • Hi Jill that’s a great question. Many people assume that the Mrsa skin infections are confined to ones body exterior but being infected in the mouth, tongue and nasal passages in quite common. In fact inside the nose is commonly accepted to be a major colonization site for Staphylococcus aureus, including MRSA. It’s a pretty versatile bug and can live anywhere. We hope you had this thing checked by your Doctor. Most physicians are rather familiar with the Mrsa Staph infection by now and can test for it in-office during your first visit. We wish you the best and pray the sore on your tongue is nothing serious.

      By the way we apologize for our late response and to the those of you that posted comments that were lost during the process of upgrading this site. We are finding that during this upgrade our original Word Press Theme is no longer supported and some of your comments have been accidentally deleted. We appreciate them all and will re-post them if retrieved. Thanks, Bruce & Karen

  5. I recently had and episode with a staph infection and wanted to share my remedy. Silver, in fact, dies help a lot. I started taking bactrim which didn’t help. So I was switched to keflex and used silver sulfonamide? ointment topically on the boil which worked wonders. It kept the boil and scab that formed sift and helped draining. I didn’t have to get it lanced so no painful cutting etc. Took about a week or so for the boil to go down to a comfortable scab. Only bad part is the scab came off today along with what looked like 2 nuclei from the infection and left 2 almost 1/8 inch deep holes. Probably going to be there for the rest of my life. I am happy that is all I encountered since this immediately followed a decent sized bout of road rash that almost completely healed after being ejected from my vehicle during a car accident. No major injuries. Hope this helps.

    • Unfortunately not Tammy. but you should see your doctor as soon as possible. MRSA is a form of staph (staff) and your sores should be treated before developing into a more serious condition.

  6. I have had 16 staph infections since January 2016. I have been on 6 different antibiotics, and muprocin each time as well. I am now left with Bactrim, because I am immune to all of the ones previously prescribed. However, bactrim doesn’t fully treat my infections, because 3 or 4 weeks later here it starts creeping back again. I feel like each time my face clears up I am able to feel more confident, minus all the scarring of course. But then, one bump pops up and boom it spreads like wildfire. Nothing is working! I have been to the ER 4 times, 4 different dermatologists, 2 primary care doctors, and 4 walk in clinics. My face is permanently scarred. I lost my first job post graduate school this past January from this awful disease. My breakouts occur all over my face, scalp, back, ears, and nose. Why can no one help me with this? Not to mention, my medical bills just keep piling up. I am only 25, and this literally controls my life: socially, emotionally, and physically. I have given up hope and I feel like no one else understands the pain this causes me. I have done a lot of research and this article was brutally honest and just what I needed to hear because I can relate to almost everything you said. I have tried and tried to get in with an ID specialist, but I keep getting denied. If you have any advice, I would appreciate it so much! I want to beat this stupid disease and enjoy my life!

    • Boy do I feel for you. I have also been battling this terrible demon for years now. Not as bad as everyone else here but I have had about six bouts since 2009. I have never gone to the doctor. I have used antibiotics from the fish store. (Went away for a year or so) I have done colloidal silver. It helped with two bouts and then no longer did it help. Mineral drops in my water helped for a couple I think but I have lost count. I agree with the diet recommendations. You have to adjust it and stress also plays a major role in this booger rearing it’s ugly head. I’m gonna give you something you can add that I have had for years and didn’t know it would be effective against it. So far this has been the fastest remedy and it helps with other issues as well. I use a clay pot to boil these herbs for at least four hours. I use a handful of Reishi dried mushroom and Astragalus root. I put in a little licorice root for flavoring. This formula is helping tremendously. Research all three herbs. You will have to go to a Chinese herbal shop in your area or order them online. (there not very expensive.) You should be able to get the herbs for about $20 or less. Pot will cost extra. It tastes horrible! You will notice a difference in how you feel immediately! Not so much with pain but it will begin to relax you. You may have to lay down and take a nap until you get use to it. The boil will begin to drain soon and the pain will begin to subside. This formula should be taken as a supplement to your diet. 3 eight ounce cups a day for at least a month is what I am doing. Reishi shouldn’t be taken for much longer than a month according to some experts. I would recommend you do this at least twice a year even after it’s gone. Once you look up the herbs you will see why. My pot is a big pot and you should make enough to last about a week. You want a soft boil for the 4 hours. Checking routinely to make sure it doesn’t hard boil. Once it’s done drink two cups while it’s hot. Make sure you have no place to go because trust me, it will relax you. Good luck to you and everyone else. Oh, one more thing, Staph loves sugar. Cut down the refined sugar if you can’t eliminate it completely. I can trace all my outbreaks to around holidays or just eating too much refined sugar. Try to eliminate it completely if you can. Good luck!

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