How I Contracted MRSA Bugs.

Two years prior to Karen’s battle with killer mrsa staph infection , I contracted this hungry flesh eater from a hospital toilet seat while visiting my mother whom was going through a long recovery after developing complications from a knee replacement surgery. Needless to say I spent hours if not days sitting with her as she recuperated.


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There Can Be All Kinds Of Critters On Public Toilet Seats. Some Are More Obvious Than MRSA STAPH INFECTION

Now I’m just guessing here, but like most people I’m not crazy about the idea of using a public restroom; in a hospital or anywhere else for that matter. In fact I consider myself fairly regular in that area and have been pretty much able to avoid taking care of my business any place other than home sweet home. Not sure if it’s a germaphobe issue on my part or what, but it became  unavoidable and totally necessary while sitting by her bedside 30 miles from home. If you’re  wondering how I can be so sure my first CA mrsa staph infection came from a hospital toilet seat, well quite Frankly I wasn’t  sure back then. I had no clue of becoming infected because I didn’t know what ca mrsa skin infection was at the time. But looking at it now, with all the recurring mrsa staph infections I’ve battled throughout the years, it all started after that one incident. Another dead give-away was the location of my very first four skin boils that started plaguing me the very next day.


The following day I developed a small red rash right smack dab in the middle of my lower back, just below my belt-line. At work I noticed this area was starting to get irritated, but what was irritating me even more was the fact I couldn’t see it because of its location. Now being in the middle of a hot, mosquito infested summer back in 2001, I just assumed this minor annoyance was either an insect bit, or a heat rash from where my belt and waist line contacted my skin. So I just ignored it with the hope it would go away.


That night, after work and showering, I looked with a mirror and noticed a red blotch that almost looked like the welt you get after being stung by a bee or a wasp, but I couldn’t see any center mark indicating a bite or a sting. It appeared to be slightly swollen so I took a couple ibuprofen for the inflammation. Then I constructed me a makeshift ice pack using a zip-lock sandwich bag and rubber-bands wrapped in a dish towel (pretty ingenues aye). I figured this would take the swelling down and in the morning I’d be good to go.


The next morning was a total Shock! The first thing that shocked me was thinking I wet the bed, completely forgetting about the make-shift icepack that melted all over. After a sigh of relief, knowing my bladder hadn’t  failed me, I noticed some pressurized pain in my back side and felt a very large, hard lump that developed overnight. After further inspection in the mirror, I could actually see this thing protruding-outward, and looked to be developing into a huge boil or cyst. The red area around the lump had doubled in size and there was substantially more pain when I touched it; much worse than the night before.


abscess 70964 lg How I Contracted MRSA Bugs.

What 1st Appears As A Simple Pimple, Rash Or Insect Bite Rapidly Transforms To A Warm Painful Boil, Then Abscess.

I’m a semi truck/trailer mechanic by trade and my job requires a lot of sliding  on my back and climbing up and down inside truck-cabs for transport and repair. That day at work the pain became almost unbearable. I was  quickly coming to the conclusion that this thing on by backside, that seem to be growing by the minute, was taking on a life of it’s own. It was becoming rather obvious this was a bit more serious than just an insect bite or heat rash. It took all I could muster-up to finish out my shift. To make matters worse this all came down on a Friday night, which gave me no choice but to endure the throbbing pain of my brutal mutation over the weekend.


Come Monday Karen was on the phone insisting I get in to see our doctor ASAP. Little did we know this would be the beginning of many more trips in the years to come. By now my abscess had festered  to the size of a golf ball and was so painful I had trouble sitting in the car for the trip to his office.


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My First Doctor Visit For Mrsa Cellulitis.

My mrsa staph infections continued after 2001, having four more outbreaks before Karen contacted her sepsis mrsa in 2003. Two of those infections occurred with in the year, following my first outbreak. I developed one abscess on my left lower hip and another on my right lower hip to match. Both of these mrsa boils had to be cut, expunged and packed by my physician to heal. I was prescribed several different antibiotics and I thought they were actually working at first … because my wounds would eventually heal. But as my mrsa skin infections would always resurface worse than ever, I soon realized how stubborn these mrsa staph infection buggers really are.


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